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GO Bottle - Liquid
GO Bottle - LiquidGO Bottle - LiquidGO Bottle - Liquid

What is GO Case?

ZIRUI GO Case is a compact, secure, sleek and simple solution to travel with your essential liquids. It saves you space and time so you can travel with your favorite products on the go.  

In the kit, there are 3x 1oz. leakproof travel-sized bottles and 1 open bottle for miscellaneous items such as q-tips, cotton pads, jewelry and more! 

We designed Go Case for it to be something to "go places with", hence the name "GO Case".


Key Facts
What's included?
1 magnetic board + 4 bottles (3 liquid bottles and 1 open bottle), 1 cleaning brush, 1 sheet of Zirui stickers, 1 additional backup pump.

What's the Case made of?
Our board is made of super premium vegan leather (you can feel the difference right away) that is both highly similar to the feel of real leather but can be easily cleaned and water-resistant.

Any other questions? Chat on the bottom right, or write to us info@myzirui.com.

Environmental Impacts
Travel-sized products are convenient yet also create a shocking 980 tons of plastic waste each year. 

Zirui is the trustworthy, fun, and transformative new travel-pal for bringing your personal routine on the go now. 

Sick of Leaky Bottles, Wasteful Travel-Sized, Messy Luggage?

  • 1 full magnetic board + 4 1oz. Go Bottles

  • TSA-approved 

  • leakproof fine mist spray and lotion pumps included

  • responsibly made, easy to clean, dishwasher-safe

great for weekend getaways, business trips, gym, daily essentials

Flight-friendly Each bottle is 1oz and well under the TSA-restraints. Vegan Leather Premium vegan leather that has the luxury touch of genuine leather but does not stain when gets wet.

Vegan Leather Premium vegan leather that has the luxury touch of genuine leather but does not stain when gets wet. 

Interchangeable Pumps Two kinds of leak-proof pumps (mist spray head and lotion pump) are included to make the Go Case compatible with the most kinds of products.

Build-in Mirror A mini-sized mirror comes in handy on the go.

Sustainable Did you know 960 tons of plastic is wasted each year by disposable travel-sized products? Go Case is reusable, easy to clean by either brush or dishwasher, so the planet benefits too.

How to Use

Fill, Snap, Go!

1- Fill the bottles with your preferred beauty product.

2- Snap the bottles onto the board magnetically.

3- Go!

  •  FAQ

What comes in the package? 

a water-resistant, magnetic vegan-leather board, 1 built-in mirror, 1 cleaning brush, stickers to label the bottles, 3 ZIRUI bottles with 3 pumps and 1 mist spray head, 1 non-liquid bottle for carrying miscellaneous little tools (q-tips, earrings, cotton, eyeliner, hair tie, Tide pen..). 

Can I fly with ZIRUI?

Yes you can. Our case is made for travel, gym, and beyond! 

More questions? Email: info@myzirui.com or CHAT (bottom right corner)

*not compatible with nail polish remover or medical-grade alcohol*

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