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Go Case - Matte Black
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    How Zirui (read as “zee-ray") Works
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    Go Case - Matte Black

    ZIRUI GO Case is a compact, secure, sleek and simple solution to travel with your essential liquids. It saves you space and time so you can travel with your favorite products on the go.  

    • Flight-friendly Each bottle is 1oz and well under the TSA-restraints.

    • Vegan Leather Premium vegan leather that has the luxury touch of genuine leather but does not stain when it gets wet. 

    • Interchangeable Pumps Two kinds of leak-proof pumps (mist spray head and lotion pump) are included to make the Go Case compatible with the most kinds of products.

    • Built-in Mirror A mini-sized mirror comes in handy on the go.

    • Sustainable Did you know 960 tons of plastic is wasted each year by disposable travel-sized products? Go Case is reusable, easy to clean by either brush or dishwasher, so the planet benefits too.

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    How Wasteful is Travel-Sized Toiletries?

    980 tons of plastic waste / year, apparently

    Top Ways to Use Your ZIRUI GO Case

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