ZIRUI | Zirui GO Case | Reusable High-End Magnetic Travel Toiletry Case


The Ultimate Travel Case 

for Hair, Body, Face


No More Travel-Sized or Liquids Explosions.

If you've traveled through TSA and have your liquids taken, checked in at a hotel and had your oils spilled everywhere, tried to squeeze everything into a ziplock back, kept doubles of your essential skin oils.. You, then, is what ZIRUI is about.

960 tons of plastic waste are created each year from travel-sized toiletries alone. Zirui is the more robust and sleek option.

How to Use Go Case 
The Secure, Sleek, Simple Way to Take Your Routine Wherever You Go.
  • TSA-Approved 1.oz bottles

  • Leakproof

  • Easy to Clean, brush included or dishwasher-safe 

  • Water-Resistant & Magnetic

  • Bring it anywhere

  • Even oils travel safely

  • Have a travel case that lasts through reuses

  • Luxury and lightweight

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Go Case - Matte Black
Go Case - Midnight Stars
Go Case - Blush
Go Case - Disco
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