Shop the most functional and stylish travel routine.

1 Zirui Case Board + 4 Zirui bottles, brush + stickers included

The world’s first modern travel care case.

To start, we offer a functional and beautiful solution for traveling with liquids, It’s called ZIRUI GO Case. 

Go Case - Matte Black
Go Case - Midnight Stars
Go Case - Disco
Go Case - Blush
Customize the pieces.
GO Bottle - Open
GO Bottle - Liquid
Good things come in sets.
GO Bottles Set of 3

"This case is perfect for any type of traveler: business to leisure! Who knew something so simple could solve such an overlooked issue. Perfect! Get one for yourself and a friend! 🙏🏽❤️"

- Alexis (flight attendant)

"I love my ZIRUI for traveling, but moreover, for the gym! I throw it in my gym bag and it's the most genius thing ever. It says me so much time and space, and is just so easy to use!"

- Ember (beauty lover)

I put my face wash, micellar water, and rosehip oil in my go case and I love how simple it is to apply my night-time skincare routine even when I'm traveling.

- Regina (business woman)

This has become my go-to toiletries bag for the gym and yoga. The magnets can hold the liquid-filled bottles strong enough to not have the bottles slide out of the case. 

- Katie (athlete competing worldwide)

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