How do you pronounce ZIRUI?


Can I travel through TSA with ZIRUI bottles?

Our bottles are all 1oz., or 30ml, under TSA limits. Our team and customers have been traveling with ZIRUI products to various parts of the world and there is no problem! 

Is ZIRUI GO Case made with real leather?

We are actually PETA-certified vegan. We carefully choose the highest grade of vegan leather that is water-resistant yet feels very genuine and smooth. We make a conscious effort to combine quality with integrity.

What’s different about ZIRUI GO Cases?

We combine functionality and beauty. Our patented triangular ZIRUI bottles are made to be fit together tightly so there is no space wasted.We are more sleeker. Everyone’s first reaction when they see the ZIRUI GO Case is this: It’s beautiful! Ditch your bulky zip-lock bags and opt in for our stylish kit.

I don’t want to fill the bottles. Will they come pre-filled?

For now, we’d like to offer the freedom for you to fill the bottles with any products you would like, but, in the future, we will certainly introduce kits that are prefilled with the essential products of your choice. Let us know on social media or email (info@myzirui.com)  what you would like our first few prefilled modules to be. 

Is ZIRUI only for traveling or flying?

NO. You can use ZIRUI GO Cases for so much more! Bring it to the beach, to the gym, to your best friend’s house for a sleepover, on a business trip, or to a music festival. The sky is the limit here. In fact, we would love to see where and how you use your ZIRUI GO Case. Tag us on social media with #myzirui.

I have so many ideas for ZIRUI. Who should I talk to?

Yes, dm us on Instagram @myzirui, or shoot us an email to info@myzirui.com. We are quick to respond.

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