What is ZIRUI?

ZIRUI (pronounced as /ZEE'RAY/) is an adventure themed personal care brand; yet we view ourselves ultimately as a service brand that helps with your daily needs of looking and feeling great on the go.

The products that we design and build upgrade the intersection between personal care and travel. Our modular and interchangeable cases are designed to simplify traveling with personal care items while maintaining a functional, beautiful design.

All ZIRUI products center around portability, functionality, while offering high aesthetic values. 


ZIRUI means smart beauty in Chinese, and is the Chinese name of our founder Regina Ye. It is pronounced as /ZEE'RAY/. This came about when a group of her friends sat in the dorm room one night in college discussing the name of this new brand. After four sheets of A4 paper front and back, "ZIRUI" was the one that sounded right.

Origin Story

ZIRUI was started in a college dorm room when Regina returned from a summer working abroad in Germany. Being a frequent traveler and a beauty lover, Regina experienced the pain of traveling with personal care products first hand. She can tell you about how many times her expensive care products leaked in her luggage or broke after being carefully wrapped by layers of bags and wraps. 

Everyone is focusing on beauty yet so little attention is spent on how one transports the products.

After a few entrepreneurship classes at Mount Holyoke College,  and speaking to many women and men who simply loved the idea of a better way to travel with liquids, ZIRUI was born. After two years of development, ZIRUI was finally launched in the summer of 2018.


ZIRUI is now based in Boston, MA. Our first product ZIRUI GO Case is now available for you to bring your liquid essentials in the most sustainable and sleek way, anywhere, anytime.

We have been a company that focuses on building a kick-ass product and a close tie to our community. 

We share frequent updates to our users and friends. 

Join us today.

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