How I use my GO Cases | Official Guide

ZIRUI GO Case, Beach Travel Essentials


ZIRUI’s leak-proof, modular and secure bottles are perfect for any occasion and any destination. In fact, here are some places where ZIRUI can GO with you.

Beach Day

You need sunscreen for the upcoming vacation? Need to bring aloe and shower gel to the beach house? Fill ZIRUI Go bottles with Sunscreen, face wash and hair conditioner for that frizzy hair.

Bring ZIRUI Go to your Hotel


Fill in those essentials when you have a short stay at a hotel. Snap those bottles on to ZIRUI Go’s magnetic leather case and you are all set for a great, comfortable night stay.

Bring ZIRUI on a Weekend Brunch Date


No matter where you are going for the weekend, you will always look stylish carrying your make up essentials in ZIRUI Go.

Fill, Snap, Go!